Best PPSSPP Gold Settings For Android (100% Working)

PSP games are bound to play on any PSP emulator, and emulators like PPSSPP are arguably the best emulators to play PSP games on Android.

But despite its ability to run PSP games on Android, it can never offer the same experience as that of normal PSP. And if you’re to play games like Pes 2020 or WWE 2K20, you’ll be needing a good configuration on your PPSSPP or PPSSPP Gold app if you want to have smooth gameplay.

In this article, I’ll be making some short steps on the best PPSSPP Gold Settings for Android. This will let you play Any PSP games on your Android smoothly with no lagging.

Best PPSSPP Gold Settings For Android

The settings below are used in getting the best performance for PPSSPP Gold on Android, so you just need to open your PPSSPP app and use the tutorials show on this screen, it will help you set your PSP emulator well.

Best Graphics Settings for PPSSPP:

Step 1. To get the best graphics settings for PPSSPP, you need to go to your PPSSPP settings, then change the Backend from OpenGL to Vulkan. Then look at the Framework control part, turn of Frameskipping if enabled.

Graphics Settings

Step 2. In this part, now you need to unselect Auto-frameskip and enable the Prevent FPS from skipping 60, After that, set the alternative speed to Unlimited.

Step 3. Scroll down to the Performance, from the performance settings, scroll down and change the 2x rendering resolution to 1x, then test the effect to see how good it is, if the performance looks bad, leave it on 2x.

Graphics Settings 2

Step 4. Under performance settings, make sure you enable some of the bolded options, make sure to enable Hardware Transform, Software Skinning, Mipmapping, Lazy texture caching and Vertex Cache, you’ll find them all under performance settings.

Developer Settings:

The developer options also allow you to get high-performance options once enabled, you just need to know the right one to enable. For gaming enhancement, you can select Dynarec (JIT) under CPU Core. this will aid to enhance gaming performance.

Developer Settings

Under the settings part, make sure you enable Fast Memory and I/O on Thread. then set the I/O timing method to Stimulate UMD delays.


With the settings above, you can make PPSSPP games play faster and also have good graphics on your Android device, there are other tweaks you can use on PPSSPP Gold settings, but the one here are recommended on most cases.

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