FIFA 2020 ISO PPSSPP English Version (Offline) for Android

Everyone has a taste of different football games, and one or two people always see FIFA 2020 better than PES 2020 in some aspects. Well, we surely can’t change peoples mind on debates. While some loves FIFA 2020 so dearly, it’ hard to play it on Android.

In this article, I’ll be providing you with the download links for FIFA 2020 ISo PPSSPP for Android. This way you can play FIFA 2020 on your Android device with the help of PSP emulator known as PPSSPP.

You can also get your self playing FIFA 20 Apk + Obb and FTS 2020 on your Android device too though. But if you love playing on PPSSPP, then I’ve given you something you’ll like on this page.

About FIFA 2020 ISO

You should be aware there is no official development for FIFA 2020 for Android or mobile users, therefore this game is just a mod version and doesn’t hold any licence for publishment. It has the latest features from the normal FIFA 2020 football game.


Everything looks cool in the game and the graphics on the other end is just too perfect and will give you the best gaming experience that you want. The latest FIFA 20 ISO comes with different updates on players, new features and as well the new PS4 camera mode everyone loves.

FIFA 2020 ISO PPSSPP Features

Smooth Graphics – The big difference between this update and the previous ones is the big difference in graphics and gameplay smoothness. Now you can play FIFA 2020 conveniently because the current update gives smooth graphics and will also reduce lagging on your ppsspp emulator when playing the game.

New Kits – You can now use your favourite kits from different kits, retro kits from different teams have been included, alongside old kits, you can now use any clubs home & away kits ranging from 1st – 4th. European competition kits have been updated as well.

Transfer Update – Players are now assigned to their respective clubs, now you can use your favourite football stars on their new team. Completed January transfer deals have been updated as well, players signed to Liverpool FC and other top teams have been added.

New Stadiums – You can now play exhibition matches on some of the worlds most iconic stadiums, with real spectator noise coming out from the stadium, you can now enjoy each gameplay on any of these stadiums.

Additional Updates – This update comes with additional features and this comes with a collection of new teams, new national teams and also different leagues from Asia, North America and Mexico has been added to it.

FIFA 2020 ISO Download Links

The links below contain the FIFA 20 ISO file and also the Save Data, you need to download all the files if you want the game to work perfectly on your PSP emulator.

How To Play FIFA 2020 ISO On Android

  • First, you need to download and install PPSSPP Gold emulator on your Android device, and if you already have it, you can ignore installing it.
  • Now download the FIFA 2020 ISO file from the above download link, and also download the Save Data alongside it.
  • Now open your Zarchiver app, extract both the ISO file and also the Save Data.
  • You can leave the ISO file to where it was downloaded and extracted.
  • Now you need to move the Save Data to your Android/PSP/Save Data. Paste it to override the previous one.
  • Now launch the PPSSPP app, then locate the FIFA 20 ISO file, now open it and begin to play the latest edition of FIFA 2020 for PPSSPP users on Android.



Just in case you experience any errors when trying to play this game, kindly leave a comment on this page and I’ll get back to you the moment I receive it. Don’t forget to share the blog post with friends.

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